QPWC Announces 2-Part Tropical Heat Summer Series


It seems that racing in Queensland is off to a great start, with QPWC announcing the next race series via Facebook. “Tropical Heat” which will be a two part series, will be held on March 13th and April 10th at Bells Beach, Redcliffe. The two part series will give racers the opportunity to fine-tune their skis and skills before the one day, Queensland Titles event, which will be hosted by QPWC at the same venue. Although not advertised, I would anticipate the same classes will be offered as per last year, being; Ski, Spark/Sport, Beginners, Stock, and Open runabout.

Whilst Queensland is busy hosting the Tropical Heat series and Queensland Titles, the Australian Jet Sports Boating Association (AJSBA) will be busy working towards the 2016 Nationals – planned for late August-early September 2016 on the Gold Coast with the endurance portion in Sydney. The AJSBA committee has recently called out for any volunteers to assist in the 2016 Nationals Sub-Committee to get involved and contribute to the success of this event.

The Watercraft Journal had the opportunity to catch up with committee members from AJSBA to see how the sport will be progressing this year, not only here in Queensland but in Oz as a whole. It seems our very popular and talked about Vintage boys from Queensland will be traveling down to Sydney next month to build vintage racing south of the border. Whilst relatively new Spark class will be running in Queensland and New South Wales, with the occasional one in Western Australia.

The AJSBA are also working with the Victorian Jet Sports Boating Association to bring racing back to Victoria, as well as liaising with some Freeride clubs to bring Freeride in to the fold with racing. So it seems that committee members from both AJSBA and local clubs are busy planning and working towards a great year for racing. As for us Queenslanders, it’s time to gear up and get ready for March 13th – see you at the first round!

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Tam Clucas

Tam started jet skiing six years ago, but it wasn’t until watching the 2012 World Finals at Havasu that she really immersed herself in the world of Jet Skis. Today she provides administrative support at Jetskishop.com and can be found at QPWC race events on her SX-R 800, or of course enjoying the fantastic waterways in her hometown - Gold Coast, Australia.

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