Quick Tech: Installing A SCS Unlimited Wrap on a Sea-Doo Spark (Video)


One of the most intriguing selling points for the Sea-Doo Spark (apart from its low cost entry point, lightweight, radical departure from conventional FMC fiberglass construction and its stellar ACE 900 DOHC motor) is its adaptability to being personalized. Unlike other personal watercraft wherein the choice of brand, trim and model are only sometimes met with a choice of color, the Spark lineup is some near-50 options deep. From a handful of brightly hued colors, two and three-seat configurations, 60 or 90-horsepower engine tunes, to a litany of other accessories and add-ons, the Spark is potentially the single-most optimized PWC in the market.

One central option offered to would-be Spark owners is the availability of literally dozens of specially-designed graphic kits through a partnership between BRP Sea-Doo and SCS Unlimited. Because of the unique PolyTec composite material from which the Spark is build, traditional graphics and decals often fail to properly adhere to the porous, textured surface. SCS Unlimited’s graphic kits were specifically designed in cooperation with Sea-Doo and are the only kits officially licensed through BRP. While we knew installation would only take an hour or so, we thought it best to let the trained eyes and hands at America’s Motor Sports handle the installation rather than doing so in our backyard – particularly as you want a clean environment to work in.


Additionally, America’s Motor Sports had all the tools to properly prep and apply our kit; namely an electric heat gun, microfiber towels, soft rubber-edged squeegees, a mild adhesive remover and a spray bottle for wet applications. In unpacking our graphic kit from its tube, we allowed the vinyl sheets to layout and flatten on their own, letting the material relax after being packed for so long.

As we did so, we began stripping the original Sea-Doo decals off using the heat gun (in a back-and-forth motion) to warm the adhesive holding decal, allowing us to peel them off relatively easy. Where some residue remained, we applied the adhesive remover (ie. “Goo-Off” or other such brands) and wiped our surface clean. Lastly, prior to installation, we thoroughly cleaned the surface of any dirt, oil or particulates that could contaminate our adhesion.

Following the printed and numbered installation key, we began applying the larger, more central panels and “worked our way out” from there, tackling the smaller panels later. Wetting the surface allows the decal to be moved, readjusted or peeled off and completely reapplied if so needed. SCS offers differing degrees of wrap kits, from simple to complex, and ours leaned more on the difficult side (we ordered the new “Starfish” pattern at $450), so we were careful to take our time and follow the key precisely. As we applied each panel on the wet surface, we used our squeegee to squeeze the water out from underneath the decal’s surface. Make note that there is still some residual moisture beneath the decal that needs to dry on its own, so give your Spark’s kit at least 24 hours to dry before riding.

With our SCS Unlimited kit installed and cured, we were finally able to sit back and admire our work. A new kit not only can pump some new life into a one or two-year-old Spark, but also toss in a new highlight color or provide some added personality to your ride. And when exploring SCS Unlimited’s website, make sure to note that every kit allows for a full spectrum of color changes for each pattern, effectively allowing you to radically change the color and look of your ski within an hour’s time.

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