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It’s always a good idea to wear some sort of eye protection whenever riding a PWC, no matter your riding style. If nothing else, you need something to keep the wind and sea spray from getting to your eyes. Some are satisfied with simple sunglasses, while others prefer other eyewear, such as goggles. If you prefer the latter, we believe we have found the product for you.

Thanks to the guys at Fly Racing, we were able to test out a pair of their Focus Adult Hi-Vis goggles. We’ve been impressed with Fly Racing’s products in the past, and their goggles certainly didn’t disappoint. The single-layer face foam provides a comfortable fit and allows the goggles to really mold to the shape of your face. This foam also creates a seal so water doesn’t get between the goggles and your eyes, keeping you comfortable while riding.

The frame is made out of very flexible-yet-durable material to ensure your pair lasts as long as you need them to. The frame doesn’t obstruct your horizontal or peripheral vision at all, which is a huge plus, especially when racing or in any other situation where being fully aware of your surroundings is key.

Fly claims that the polycarbonate clear lens is both anti-fog (ATF) and anti-scratch (ATS). To be honest, were a little skeptical of these qualities. So far in our testing, the anti-scratch claim has held true, given we haven’t put much effort into purposefully trying to scratch them.

They did fog up on us, though, but it only happened once when we were sitting still. Once we wiped them clean and got back moving, the problem didn’t reoccur. So while they aren’t guaranteed to never fog up, they do seem to fog up less often than competing goggles not designed with this technology. The lens is very easy to remove, and Fly Racing offers a variety of optional lenses, allowing you to adapt to any situation.

The Focus series goggles are equipped with an adjustable double buckle strap, allowing for quick, easy strap tension adjustment. The non-slip silicone on the inside of the strap ensures that these goggles stay secured to your helmet. We’ve found that this feature works flawlessly. We’ve seen it all too many times, racers falling off and losing their goggles in the water. You probably won’t be losing a pair of these. Even after falling off at 60-plus-mph, they stayed stuck to the helmet (don’t ask – Ed).

The Fly Racing Focus goggles come in both youth and adult sizes, as well as a variety of colors (black, white, gray, blue, green, red, yellow and pink). While you can wear these with any helmet on the market, or even with no helmet at all, we used them on the Fly Racing F2 Carbon helmet, and found they were a terrific combo. Priced at $19.95, they’re also some of the most affordable given the added features imbued in their design, making them a very solid purchase.

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