Real Review: JetPilot 3/2 Men’s Cause & Women’s Minx One Piece Wetsuit

With a vast array of wetsuit thicknesses, colors, and styles, JetPilot has been in the business of supplying quality suits to racers and recreational riders alike for three decades. I live in the great land of Texas where in winter it may snow once in a decade. However, cold is not the only reason (albeit a good, valid one) to don a wetsuit. JetPilot’s 3/2 thickness wetsuits can help provide year-round protection during crashes, the dreaded knee and shin bash on stand ups, and stave off inner leg seat rash from those long days in the saddle.

I prefer the single piece wetsuits for simplicity so my go-to suits are the 3/2 Cause and 3/2 Women’s Minx. The easiest way to understand wetsuit thickness is to know the first number refers to the core neoprene thickness in millimeters, the second refers to the arm and leg extremity thickness. Wetsuits with 3mm cores and 2mm extremity measurements should be in everyone’s closet because they can provide warmth from the 60 degrees Fahrenheit, yet are able to be worn in the summer.

Over the years I’ve sampled offerings from a number of the big name brand wetsuit manufactures. Let’s face it, all of them will get the job done…well some knock-off brands might not, but those are not on a quality level worth mentioning. When selecting a wetsuit – comfort and fit is paramount. Too loose and your body cannot heat the thin film of water between your skin and the neoprene, thus rendering the suit useless for warmth. Too tight and circulation, breathing and overall movement is restricted potentially causing extremities to fall asleep and fatigue. Where JetPilot suits excel above the rest is their pliability and softness. Hands down the best form fitting, yet stretchy wetsuit with a great skin feel I’ve ever worn.

Women’s Minx
Generally a bit curvier than men, Women’s Minx has wider hip and narrower shoulder measurements to avoid the dreaded lower back air pocket and general discomfort for ladyfolk. That means no upper butt poof, no cold water getting caught in the lower back either. I am 5’8”, 140lbs and 7/8 size fits great, no tight spots or hindered movement. The back entry Minx also sports an inner liner that form fits to the small of your back.

Men’s Cause
Women are a decidedly smaller portion of the world of jet skis, but have no fear guys, I’ve got your suit covered! The Men’s Cause comes in three color choices to match your kit, all rear zip one piece suits. The medium’s fitment for my spec is superb, the aforementioned softness and pliability coming in to play with no tight spots or restricted movement.

Nitty Gritty
Both the Minx and the Cause feature rear entry zippers with a lanyard to easily zip and unzip while wearing the suit. Once zipped, the neck neoprene comfortably seals around your neck with adjustable Velcro. This design allows for a water-tight fit for various neck sizes. If you are a stand up rider you will appreciate the abrasion resistant kneepad material for tray grip. They are integrated to the suit at the knee bend, but use thin material that does not cause bunching or bend resistance. Both suits feature a nifty key lanyard/pocket at the base of the neck.

In the Water
Warmth is highly subjective, and I am a self-admitted bred and born Texan who doesn’t like cold. I rode all winter in both suits, even when water temperatures dropped into the 60s. If you do manage to fall in the drink you’ll definitely notice what is NOT covered in the lovely, soft, pliable neoprene. Once you catch your breath and get back on the ski you’ll be happy to know the suits do a good job at blocking wind chill when you get moving again. If you are cold sensitive I’d suggest checking out a Tour Coat to go over your wetsuit top, effectively blocking the wind to keep you even toastier.

As a stand up rider who has experienced knee injury from the pole slamming down on my bare knee, I prefer to ride with a wetsuit for reasons beyond simply being warm. Avoid the stitches and suit up! Not only can the wetsuit help protect your skin from bumps, falls, life jacket chafe, and saddle/tray rash – in the event of a crash the wetsuit can provide a barrier for unwanted water entry. Plus neoprene provides a supplemental, full body buoyancy so you can stretch out after that high-speed off!

As far as wetsuits go, JetPilot has a great lineup to fit all sorts of rider preferences. Man or woman, the Minx and Cause 3/2 one-piece wetsuits will give you comfortable, mild winter protection as well as perform during those warm summer rides. Check out for more information and ordering.

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Ashley Haude

Ashley Haude

Ashley "chixwithtrix" Haude is an avid motorsports enthusiast who loves to share the stoke with fellow riders. After years of riding sport bikes, drift cars and dirt bikes - stand up jet skis became a life passion from racing to freeride in 2015. You can find Ashley on the water most weekends, or in the garage during the week working on her skis.

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