Real Review: JetPilot A-10 Attack Side-Entry Vest


Since its original days of dayglow wetsuits and iridescent vest, JetPilot has become an almost inseparable part of the PWC racing community over the years. They carry a wide range of life jackets, gloves, wetsuits, and more extreme sports gear. We recently got our hands on a JetPilot A-10 Attack Side-Entry Vest and had the opportunity to put it to the test.

This is a product loaded with innovation. The patented side entry design, U-Flex stretch panels and lightweight foam construction make this a very unique and comfortable fit. So, how do they make a vest so light, buoyant, and comfortable? Constructing it of mostly lightweight 3D air foam cuts back on weight as well as making the vest so buoyant for its size (around 1-inch thick on each side). The 1/4-inch PVC foam on the inside of the vest contributes to making it so comfortable. A neoprene outer shell makes this vest much more comfortable than a nylon vest would be. And last but certainly not least, the foam panels make the A-10 mold to fit your body perfectly.


Like most high quality life vests, the A-10 is wrapped in neoprene, and there are several advantages to doing so. As stated above, it’s a big part in what makes this vest so comfortable. Neoprene is a softer and more flexible material than nylon. Neoprene also makes this vest a much more durable option compared to similar nylon designs. Also, being a water resistant material, it will not take in water like a nylon vest does.

You may be asking “What’s the difference between a compression vest and an average PFD?” There are several differences, but the biggest difference is the fit. A compression vest fits tighter to your body than an average life jacket does. Also, compression vests are usually much thinner than most PFDs, which make them lighter in most cases. The only downside, though, most compression vests such as the A-10 are not USCG approved.


It is designed to be as comfortable and light as possible for racing. And since there are several course marshals keeping a close eye on all the racers and responding when needed, a compression vest doesn’t have to keep you afloat for very long. So this isn’t exactly the ideal vest for a recreational rider, but is a perfect vest for one looking to race. Not to worry, though, rec riders, Jet pilot has a wide variety of life jackets that are USCG approved in their online store.

We know JetPilot takes a lot of pride in the quality of their products, but they also put pride in making their products look great as well. wrapped in JetPilot logos and graphics, we thought this was one cool looking vest! The A-10 comes in a selection of colors, such as green (shown) black, blue and orange.

Overall, we were very impressed with this product. The JetPilot A-10 vest can be found in the JetPilot online store for a price of $99.99. If you are willing to spend a little extra money, it’s a vest you won’t regret buying.

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