Video: Kiwi WaveBlasters Charge Narrow Creek, Crash & Sink


All the video description says is, “2015 River Run displaying some pretty average riding ability and extreme lack of judgment.” And there could be no truer words spoken. This YouTube video is a fun one, with some pretty ridiculous footage from a trio of helmet cams as a group of friends hailing from Coatesville, New Zealand, charge a very narrow, winding creek (although they call it a river) that is crammed full of fallen logs, branches, moss and low hanging tree branches – making their helmets the smartest decision they made that day.

We’ll spoil the tension and let you know that there’s no heinous infractions of personal watercraft etiquette here, but we do wonder if the threat of being impaled on a snapped branch. Thankfully, the island nation does not share the threat of being bitten by one of the many, many vicious and poisonous snakes indigenous to Australia, which continent truly doesn’t want humans living on. But hey, that’s another story altogether.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.07.50 PM

The festivities conclude with something we did like and wished to highlight: the evacuation of a swamped two-stroke. One of the ‘Blaster fatefully sinks when it collides with the bank. Immediately, the crew gather around to heave the ski out and get it fired again. Immediately the sparkplugs are pulled and the ignition turned over. The sprite two-stroke coughs up what water it has ingested and voila, it’s good to go again. It’s a little bit of nostalgia that made us smile.

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