Real Review: Lucas Slick Mist Fast & Easy Interior Detailer

One thing that we have always been sticklers on is protecting our ski from the sun. There are different ways to do that, but one of the more difficult decisions to make is how to protect the seat. Riders want to protect their seat from the sun and other elements, but don’t want to slide off every time they make a turn, hit the throttle or run into a small wake.

We have tested many products before, but wanted to try the Lucas Slick Mist Fast & Easy Interior Detailer. We grabbed a new 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX and gave it a whirl. We also decided to use a Lucas Oil Microfiber Towel, just to keep things uniform.

At the first squeeze of the trigger, we noticed a nice aroma, separate from other products. This actually caught us off guard, but is irrelevant for our experiment. We sprayed the seat liberally, wiped it down and took a step back to view the appearance. It looked clean; very clean. It looked a little shiny but not oily. Overall, we were impressed with the initial observation. But the true test was yet to come.

We took it straight to the water (fresh water) and launched the ski. We had to go through about 3 minutes of “No Wake” and during that time was moving our rump back and forth, forward and back to see if the seat felt oily. So far, so good. Once we passed the “No Wake” area, we grabbed that throttle and pinned it to see if we would slide back – still nothing.

Then it was time for the S-curves. We took this Kawasaki immediately into some aggressive S-turns, intentionally getting the seat and us wet for about 5 or 10 minutes. There was still no sliding around on the seat any more than the first time we jumped on it before applying anything.

There are many products out there to test and try, but we are thoroughly happy with the Lucas Slick Mist Fast & Easy Interior Detailer.

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Chris Stone

Chris has always had a sense of adventure and ever since he rented his first PWC, has completely fallen in love with the sport. The owner and host of the Adventure State, Chris also has a newfound passion to help others learn more about the industry.

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