Recapping Greenhulk Garage’s 2022 Impressions & Opinions

If you’re in the market for a brand new PWC then you’re in luck! Sea-Doo and Yamaha have both crushed the 2022 model lineup reveal and are bringing loads of new features to the market. Both manufacturers have introduced new products that have broadened the PWC industry and allow consumers to use their PWC like never before.

Yamaha was kind enough to fly me out to their home base, stick me into a hotel suite, and let me have an entire day on the water with all their new products for 2022. They may have rolled out the red carpet for me, but I was far more interested in an action-packed day on the water. The big hit from Yamaha is going to be the all-new JetBlaster! The addition of the light-weight, compact JetBlaster is going to add to Yamaha’s freestyle segment and appeal to adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike.

Even though the JetBlaster was truly a “blast” to ride, I must say the changes made to the FX series was the highlight of my trip. Yamaha is now offering a unique platform, the RecDeck, for all 2019-current FX models. The RecDeck is a removable extension added to the stern of the watercraft where an endless number of accessories from both Yamaha and the aftermarket can be added. Yamaha will be offering two fishing packages, a rack package, a lounge chair package, and a tow sports package to add to the RecDeck.

I love to fish just about as much as I love high-performance PWC so the RecDeck is going to be a huge hit in my garage this year! While Sea-Doo has produced a designated fishing model for several years now, it just isn’t the right fit for me. The Sea-Doo FishPro is a wonderful watercraft for avid anglers and recreational riders, but it is limited to a naturally-aspirated engine. The beauty behind Yamaha’s RecDeck is that it can be fitted to both the naturally-aspirated and Supercharged FX models so performance enthusiasts, like myself, will have plenty of speed when trying to get to our favorite fishing spots!

Not only does the RecDeck have the capability to be fitted to my FX of choice, but I love how highly versatile that it is. I will have the ability to get my fishing setup dialed in and quickly changed to a long-distance riding setup in a matter of minutes. Yamaha will also be adding a new digital display that is GPS equipped, an audio system, and several other features to the FX line this year. With the combination of the RecDeck and added features to the FX line, you can bet I will be catching some monster fish in the Summer of 2022! The 2022 model lineup from Yamaha is for sure to bring more riders into the PWC industry, but Sea-Doo has managed to break away from the traditional PWC market.

The highlight from Sea-Doo’s extensive 2022 model release is going to be none other than the Switch. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about a jet-powered pontoon boat with handlebars; having countless hours behind the wheel of a boat, the idea just didn’t seem fitting. However, I was quickly proven wrong after I spent a day on Lake Minnetonka to experience all the Switch models. The versatility of the Sea-Doo Switch is unmatched by any other pontoon boat, or any boat, on the market! If you want comfortable furniture for the entire family, then Sea-Doo has you covered with configurable seating.


If you want a sundeck on your Switch, then Sea-Doo has you covered with the optional deck mats. If you want an open layout for fishing, then yes, Sea-Doo has you covered too. One Sea-Doo Switch can be configured to your liking and rearranged in a matter of minutes. Sea-Doo’s LinQ system and an almost Lego-styled deck allows the Switch to be setup in countless configurations on just one single boat. Yes, the versatility of the Sea-Doo Switch is brilliant, but the performance of this pontoon boat caught me by surprise.

The Switch is considered a tri-toon with a larger center hull and two smaller hulls on the outside for added stability. The center hull greatly resembles one of a traditional PWC, sits lower in the water than the outer pontoons, and even has sponsons in the rear! This entire combination made for a sporty ride that felt like a PWC; no other pontoon boat on the planet will lean in for a turn, do donuts, and create as many smiles as the Sea-Doo Switch! Surprisingly, the handlebars at the helm only added to the fun factor. I was able to whip the boat around and have much more control than a boat equipped with a traditional steering wheel.

The 13-foot compact Switch model paired with the 170 horsepower 1630cc engine left me speechless! I was astonished as to how close it resembled the riding characteristics of a traditional PWC but yet the 13-foot Switch can still take the whole family on board! Admittedly, I probably had far too much fun at the helm of the 13-foot Sea-Doo Switch; maybe one day I’ll have to buy one for myself! My condolences go out to the Sea-Doo staff and media outlets who had the unfortunate opportunity to tag along for my joyride; I hope y’all did not hit the deck too hard!

After the release of the 2022 models from Sea-Doo and Yamaha we can all agree that there are more ways to use a PWC, or a pontoon boat, than ever before! I am truly amazed at the creative new products being released from both manufactures. Whether you want to fish, go out for long cruises, or even take a group of friends or family with you, the 2022 model lineup from both Yamaha and Sea-Doo will have something for you.

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