Video: Extend Supercharger Life With Tial Blow Off Valve (BOV)

Today’s high performance PWC enjoy so much power-on-delivery because of the increased atmospheric pressure that their superchargers generate. That compressed air multiplies the efficacy of the compression stroke, igniting into a potent power stroke of the piston and consequently, horsepower. But what happens to all that extra compressed air when the throttle blades suddenly snap shut? If it’s not “scrubbed” that excess pressure can damage throttle bodies, supercharger clutches and more.

That is why RIVA Racing offers Tial Blow Off Valves (BOVs) with their Yamaha Power Coolers and Upgraded Sea-Doo Intercooler Tubing Kits. “This valve improves supercharger reliability and performance by relieving unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation; reduces supercharger clutch and gear wear and eliminates heat soak in the discharge tube,” per RIVA’s listing online. You can preserve your supercharger and sound cool while doing it too.

The body of the Tial BOV and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy, and features a large 50mm valve and V-Band design aluminum mounting clamp. For Sea-Doo applications, RIVA includes their precision-formed silicone tubing with a specialized molded-in bung for the BOV. For Yamahas, the Tial BOV comes as part of their upgraded “Power Cooler” intercooler kit. For those of you making extra boost and/or revving your PWC well beyond factory specs, do your ski right and get a Tial BOV today.

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Kevin Shaw

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