RIVA Racing Speed Control Module Allows ’18 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 Run 75+MPH

It wasn’t long ago that The Watercraft Journal brought to you the most comprehensive introduction and review of the all-new 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, a machine that for the most part, turned the personal watercraft industry on its ear. Why? Because somehow Sea-Doo managed to design a shorter, lighter and lower three-seater runabout that people keep thinking that it’s bigger! It’s not, it’s smaller save for an increase width of nearly 2-inches. And how fast is it? Well, in 30-to-60mph acceleration times, the new RXT-X 300 is half a second faster (2.5-seconds vs. 3-seconds).

OK yeah, that’s how quick it is, but how faaast is it? Well, if you understand how the USCG agreement works, you’d know that all watercraft sold here in the United States cap off around 68 miles per hour. In the case of the new RXT-X 300 that number is about 68.32mph (according to RIVA Racing’s GPS tracking). For those Sea-Doos sold outside of the US, and therefore, not constrained by the USCG agreement, that number is far more attractive 72mph. But is that all that the new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 is truly capable of? Well, RIVA Racing begs to differ, as they’re touting an impressive 75.2mph with the use of their SCOM unit.

Waitaminute. What’s a SCOM, you say? Well, that’s RIVA Speed Control Override Module that interrupts the feed to your Sea-Doo’s ECU and removes the restrictive GPS speed control function programmed into Sea-Doo’s iControl. Now, that 68mph RXT-X will hit a blistering 75.2mph all day long and without requiring an ECU reflash.

Moreover, the SCOM will also allow the ski to start in “Sport” mode, rather than the usual “Touring” mode typical to Sea-Doos (you can still manually “Touring” by pressing the “Sport” mode button on the handlebars).

So how can this get any better? Well, hop on over to the Greenhulk Performance PWC Store, type in “greenhulk” and shave off 10-percent from your purchase and enjoy free shipping within the United States. What normally retails for $199.95 is now yours for $179.95 shipped! Oh hey, and remember this works on ALL 2018 300HP iControl models, is super easy to install, and retains all of the original dash board functions too! Pick up speed safely and easily today!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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