Rogue Racing’s All-New SX-R 1,100cc Waterbox


You’d never think so much thought and time could go into something so simple as a standup waterbox. Ronald Self, owner and operator of Rogue Racing put us straight: “In 2009 and 2010, I ran a rear-mounted exhaust set up. It was really short and simple but extremely loud – even with water injection.”

Since then, Ron has been playing around with his SolidWorks CAD design program. “You can do flow test in the software it’s really an extension on the imagination,” he recounted. “I sat down at the computer and drew up several on screen designs of which most were just deleted until I got one I liked.”

The unique, proprietary design is unlike anything on the market today. Starting with stamped domed end caps, Rogue’s 1,100cc SX-R waterbox does away with a lot of forward weight in the SX-R, be it a OEM, Trinity, or Bullett hull.


The Rogue Racing box weighs in at 2.2lbs. (compared to the OEM box that tips the scales at 7lbs. 8 ounces) and includes a built-in water bung, bead rolled-tube ends, and silicone 90-degree hose for the exit (which is a shorter route for the exhaust).

According to Ron, “Since there are so many different styles of 1,100cc installs out there, this leaves the chamber outlet at different positions in the different craft. The OEM 1100 rubber exhaust coupler can be trimmed to custom length and used to fit the box in place.”

Although demand is so high that the first four waterboxes have already been purchased, Rogue is racing to complete a second run of waterboxes shortly. With all it’s parts, the Rogue Racing SX-R waterbox will be sold at $350 plus shipping. Email today!


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