JX Sports Cancels Jetcross France Cup


Jetcross series promoter, JX Sports announced the cancellation of the Jetcross France Cup has been scrubbed. The Vichy, France race was scheduled for May 16th and 17th of this year. The news of the canceled race was posted on jetcrosstournews.com in late March.

“Due to several issues beyond our control, it is a great pity for us to have to cancel the Jetcross French series, which would have been the only one event in originally birthplace of the Jetcross Series. We were greatly looking forward to taking the Jetcross to France as we are well aware there is a great following there, but this will unfortunately have to wait a little longer,” said Julien Bastien, Manager director of JX Sports.

There were no explanations given as to why the race would not happen, only the vague statement by Bastien. However, he did mention that JX Sports is working toward a solution to whatever problem or problems are holding it back from the 2015 event. He is optimistic about a 2016 competition being held in France.

Bastien proceeded to say that currently, they would focus on the first World Cup event that is taking place in Doncaster, England from July 24th through July 26th of this year. The England race is a first in Jetcross history which is very exciting news in itself and it may create a large following, helping France along as well.

Maybe 2016 will be France’s year, pending JX Sports can put a Jetcross event together.

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Ocean Priselac

An avid mountain and bodyboarder who lives by "if you don't go, you'll never know," with an affinity for wildlife and animal rescue; surf forecasting is a huge part of Ocean's life and was a winner in Red Bull's Project Swell several years ago. The 2014 LB2CAT was her first jet ski competition and can't wait to do it again!

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