She Shreds Mountain Adventures’ Second Installment of “Pemby Life”; Sponsored by Truckboss Decks

Back in late January, you may remember we announced an awesome online short series of web episodes (or “webisodes” for short) called “Pemby Life”. This new series consisting of four episodes was created from a very popular project called “She Shreds Mountain Adventures”; an all-women’s snowmobile clinic retreat based out of Pemberton, B.C Canada. Creator Julie-Ann Chapman has grown the project massively and has branched out in numerous ways including now welcoming men to their awesome clinics and guided adventures. With a strong emphasis on back country safety, “She Shreds” provides by far one of the best snowmobile adventure learning experiences out there. On top of that, “She Shreds” also provides avalanche safety courses in conjunction with the Canadian Avalanche Association.

“Pemby Life” is supported by a small group of different companies, one of them being Truckboss Decks out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Truckboss truly is the industry leader in all-weather, multi-purpose truck decks. Julie-Ann has previously said, “What I like most about this deck is its slick look, and it’s so easy to load and unload sleds on that any girl can do it. This deck is the most well-thought-out deck on the market.”

In their second episode titled “Respect Adventure: Safety & Being Prepared”, Julie-Ann explains the meaning behind the moto “Be Safe & to Play Safe”. This episode is a must watch for any snowmobiler as not only does it share some potentially life-saving information, but it also shares a ton of breath taking video footage; showing the best of what British Columbia’s mountains have to offer. Julie-Ann is very thorough with explaining everything you should carry with you on your back country snowmobiling adventures so you can ensure you and your group come home safely at the end of the day.

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Cody Cole

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