Skat-Trak Closes its Personal Watercraft Division

Like the passing of an old friend, we at The Watercraft Journal are saddened to announce the conclusion of industry mainstay Skat-Trak’s watercraft division. The company has been a major participant in the development of impellers and pumps since the 1980’s, assisting in propelling the OE’s and aftermarket further and faster than one can imagine. Skat-Trak pioneered far too many technologies and experimented with too many cutting-edge designs to list here.

Fatefully, the cost of continuing business in a dwindling economy, the nature of the personal watercraft industry and legal pitfalls of operating a foundry in California all played a role in strangling one of the most iconic brands in personal watercraft racing to death. After the closure of R&D Racing and untimely passing of Bill Chapin, the acquisition of Hydro-Turf and today’s news, it’s a particularly difficult pill to swallow for this Southern Californian.

I’ll just leave it with that. Skat-Trak isn’t closing its doors as it will still produce its paddle tires. And that’s some silver lining in an otherwise stormy announcement.

In a letter Skat-Trak’s President Greg Stuart wrote:
It is with heavy hearts we inform you that Skat-Trak has decided to stop the production of our Personal Watercraft impellers, pumps, nozzles, intake grates, and accessories. Our last day of sales for Watercraft product will be on Friday December 9th, 2022.

Fortunately, we will continue to offer our Skat-Trak line of Paddle Tires for sand use. The decision to close this portion of our business was not easy, but due to lack of sales, over seas production, and the poor economy, we could no longer justify the continuation and cost of production.

Over the years, Skat-Trak has enjoyed the relationships with our customers, racers, sponsored riders, and the sport of Personal Watercraft Racing.

We are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished and could not be more grateful to those who believed in us. Skat-Trak could not have been as successful as it was without your loyalty and business. We wish you all the best for your continued success.

Greg Stuart

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