Powerboat P1 Partners with WLS Corporation to Host Racing in Vietnam

Powerboat P1, the premier international powerboat and personal watercraft sports promotor, has announced they will be joining forces with Hanoi-based WLS Corporation to host a world-class personal watercraft racing event by 2024, and ultimately, establish a “marine motorsports hub” in Vietnam.

The new partnership between the two organizations was forged following the Vietnam Sports Forum in Hanoi – an international conference with the theme ‘professionalism in sports business and marketing’ organized by WLS and sponsored by the Vietnamese Government and Ministry of Sport.

“Focused on sports marketing and management, Hanoi-based WLS organizes sports events in Vietnam aiming to make the country a world-class sports destination” according to a recent press release. Through the new partnership, P1 also aims to establish a personal watercraft academy for Vietnam’s emerging youth racers.

Head of International Business Development at Powerboat P1, Julien Bastien, explained, “Pursuing exciting opportunities and taking on new challenges is at the heart of our P1 business, and the shared goal in our partnership with WLS is for the sport of personal watercraft racing to help drive the business growth of Vietnam’s sports industry.”

The Executive Chairman of WLS Corporation, Le Quoc Vinh, said: “We organize the Vietnam Sports Forum with the aim of turning sports into a real economic industry that brings high value benefits to businesses, professional athletes and the Vietnamese sports industry in general, and we were delighted to have P1 participate in the event.”

The partnership between Powerboat P1 and WLS will streamline the process of identifying and selecting potential venues where future personal watercraft racing events like P1 AquaX and Jetcross racing could take place- as well as establishing the necessary facilities and infrastructure needed to host such events.

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