Video: The Adventure State Joins JD’s Waterworld For Some Ultra Wave Jumping

This industry can create rivals or friends. In most sports, rivalries can be created quickly and many times they can be fierce. But in the PWC industry, we see many people build great friendships. The Watercraft Journal has a number of contributors and generally speaking, most of them never meet.  Two of our contributors are JD from JD’s Waterworld and Chris from The Adventure State.

The Adventure State team were in Florida and their 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX was having an electrical issue. Luckily Chris and Rish still had the 2020 Kawasaki Ultra 310X so were able to continue to enjoy their time on the water while in Florida. 

During a random conversation, JD was told that the guys from The Adventure State were having an electrical issue that resembled the same issue JD had just a few weeks prior. JD immediately called Chris and invited the team to come to JD’s house to troubleshoot the issue.

When Chris and Rish arrived, JD was full of smiles, introduced the guys to his family, showed them around and then dove heard first (literally) into the bow of the ski testing every wire. JD took the time to teach the guys stuff they did not know and was patient with them. They were finally able to locate the issue and decided to let the shop do the repairs.

Immediately afterward, JD told the guys to follow him to a boat ramp and even offered for the guys to use his second Kawasaki Ultra since the 2022 was down. Rish declined as he wanted to drone and enjoy some photography of the local area, but JD and Chris were off! They went through the river and out into the ocean. 

JD showed Chris all around Jupiter, Florida and the other local areas from the water and they even were able to enjoy some pretty intense wave jumping. On the ride back they rode at no-wake speeds and just enjoyed 45 minutes of conversation. They are now lifelong friends.

We hear story after story of someone needing assistance, having questions or looking for new friends and someone else in our industry steps up with an outstretched hand. Remember if you need help, just ask.  If you see someone that you could help benefit their circumstance, reach out.  You may have just gained a life long friend.

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