Taiga Motors Hosts Ride Day For Early Adopters Of New Battery Electric Orca PWC

Canadian power sport manufacturer Taiga Motors has given a select few pre-order customers the opportunity to test ride the new flagship PWC in their range, the Orca Carbon. The event was held on the St Lawrence River in Montreal ahead of the company’s upcoming ‘Ride the Current Tour’.

Boasting a fully electric battery powered drive system, the Orca Carbon PWCs were universally acclaimed by all who rode them on the day. Unsurprisingly the sleek, aerodynamic watercraft were compared favorably to Tesla automobiles, with one rider commenting that the transition from traditional internal combustion engine powered cars to battery electric vehicles provided a similar contrast to the experience of riding the Orca Carbon for the first time.

A common observation among the testers was the silent propulsion of the watercraft, a feature that enables riders to hear each other speak with greater ease. The acceleration and agile handling of the Orca Carbon were also noted by participants.

At a base price of $24,000 USD the Orca Carbon is the top of the Taiga Motors PWC range. Carbon Fibre construction is used in both the hull and the top deck, resulting in a lighter and stiffer machine.

Top speed is listed as 104 km/h (65 mph), range at cruising speed is around 60 kilometres or a little over 35 miles, and power output is rated at 180 hp. Also available are the mid range Orca Performance at $17,500 USD, and the entry level Orca Sport at $15,000 USD.

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DJ Middleton

DJ Middleton is an irredeemable hoon who retired from motorcycle racing only to find that life in the fast lane still beckons. He has a particular affinity for modified cars, sports bikes and PWC. He can often be found at speed on the sparkling blue waters of tropical Queensland, Australia.

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