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Admittedly, it’s been a few months since we’ve last published an edition of “By The Numbers,” not for a lack of wanting to but the belief that frankly, we didn’t need to. Throughout the past four months, as the core of the personal watercraft industry settled in for a blistery and bone-chilling winter here in the States, both we at The Watercraft Journal and PWC enthusiasts throughout the globe central to and below the equator have been kicking into high gear, making the most out of their temperate riding season.

And its to our friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa that we salute for not only providing us with some absolutely incredible content, but for buoying our already industry-leading readership even higher than ever before. At the conclusion of the first month of 2015, we were amazed to discover that our January readership had eclipsed that of July of 2014. Let that sink in for a minute. We had more readers reading our daily articles in the middle of January than we did in the height of the US riding season last year.

Oh, and this was no fluke. With less days in this month than the previous, our February readership has surpassed January’s and only continues to increase with each day. As the only personal watercraft magazine to offer a diet of professionally-written, intelligent and engaging content every single weekday, Monday-through-Friday, and to do so completely subscription-free, we are the only outlet that PWC enthusiasts read daily. That’s a fact. So if you’re a company looking to introduce your brand to more readers, more diehard PWC enthusiasts, there is unequivocally no better choice than The Watercraft Journal.

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Your Morning Routine
We’ve said it before and it’s never been more true, but each morning – between 7:30am-10am – sees the biggest spike in readership for The Watercraft Journal. Of course, we welcome bumps during lunch and after dinner, but without a doubt, we see the majority of our readers in the morning. So what does that mean? It means that like your morning cup of coffee or weeding through the overnight emails, we’re the first thing people check when they sit down to begin their day. Marketers climb over each other to gain that level of habitual exposure, and we’ve got it coming to our magazine everyday, Monday through Friday.

News articles published in January: 23
Feature articles published in January: 13
Total feature word count: 10,661 words

News articles published in February: 17
Feature articles published in February: 19
Total feature word count: 12,350 words*

*When this number is translated to print publication standards equals a 122-page magazine. Please note that this number does not include an average of two uniquely-written news articles published daily.

Your Industry Resource
“Your reviews helped me buy the Dragon goggles when I was looking to get goggles,” one loyal reader wrote. “[When] I was looking into gloves…out of no where your review came out [on the JetPilot gloves] and I bought mine and my fiancé’s set right there!” And this account is only one of several testimonies we have attesting to the impact our reviews, interviews, shop tours and technical articles have made on our industry. We’ve helped sell skis just by mentioning them. As a resource, people look to us for insight and input.

Total number unique readers: 14,680*
Total number of articles read: 31,727
Percentage of new readers: 67.6%

Total number unique readers: 14,834*
Total number of articles read: 34,372
Percentage of new readers: 64.6%

*This number is considered equal to an individual sale of a single copy of a magazine.

Your Friends Like Us
Chances are, you’ve either visited our Facebook page, liked one of our posts or shared one of our daily pictures. We love our social media friends, and are the first to thank those who follow us, share and like our posts and leave comments on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and weekly newsletters. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be where we are today – the single-most popular personal watercraft magazine in the United States of America, and soon to be all of the industry worldwide.

February Facebook readers: 12,462
February Facebook weekly reach: 16,038
Top Five countries: United States, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

We’re Ready for 2015, Are you?
Even if you’ve just glanced over this article, you should’ve gathered two major points: 1) we have more readers than any other publication within the shores of North America, be it a digital outlet or printed periodical; and 2) we see more engagement, more response and more interest in our content than any of the above. Again, if you are a company looking to introduce your products or services to a dynamic and active audience, you will not find a better advantage than to advertise with The Watercraft Journal.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

Editor-in-Chief – Kevin Shaw is a decade-long powersports and automotive journalist whose love for things that go too fast has led him to launching The Watercraft Journal. Almost always found with stained hands and dirt under his fingernails, Kevin has an eye for the technical while keeping a eye out for beautiful photography and a great story.

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