ThrottleJunkie Beach Club’s Lake Elsinore Jet Ski Track


OK, so it’s no Body Beach. The Lake Havasu, Arizona, landmark has earned its place in jet skiing infamy as the last sliver of Wild West waterfront. With no access fee, assigned parking, paved entry or pretty much any other rules (besides “don’t be a jerk” – which some people still struggle with), the riverside cove has been a hot spot for testing sessions, training, good times and debauchery since the creation of the JS400.

Last year, we published a news article that efforts were being made to create a similar spot in Southern California’s Lake Elsinore.’s Mike Yellich had been hard at work trying to win over the City of Lake Elsinore, explaining to The Watercraft Journal, “There will be a area of land and lake to set up a buoys course just like they do at Body Beach, but they will be charging a lake fee.” It turns out that yes, Yellich succeeded in his effort, but the win came with plenty of strings attached:

First of all, to access the new Lake Elsinore Jet Ski Track, you’ll need to become a “ThrottleJunkie Beach Club Member. Individual membership for the year will cost $25 as family memberships cost $35. And non-members will have to cough up $5 for for daily use. With that cost, you will have to pay $20 at the main ramp: $10 goes to the city and the other $10 pays for running the track site. But wait, that’s not all…

Although the lakeside beach opens at 8AM for parking and tent set up, you’re not allowed on the water until 9AM, so don’t expect any early morning testing sessions. Likewise, the lake closes at 4PM, so you gotta pack up your gear, clean up the beach and get the heck outta Dodge before they they close and lock up the gates. Also, don’t expect to back up and dump your skis in the water, all skis much to be toted to the water, as all trucks and cars must park 30 yards or more from water’s edge. Equally, all skis must be gassed up 20 feet from the water, because we don’t want to spoil the natural, unmolested beauty of Lake Elsinore.

Of course, as the days get longer, Yellich promised that they will be open longer. Additionally, he states, “We are also working on having it open one or two days during the week.” The fun will be starting in May, so you need to email your PayPal payment to Mike Yellich ( to get a jump on your SoCal lake testing. And if you don’t like it, remember you voted in Jerry Brown not once, but four times as governor. Just sayin’.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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