Video: 3ftDeep’s Tips How To Clean Your Sea-Doo Air Intake Silencer

This video tutorial courtesy of 3ftDeep is often an overlooked maintenance task that if left unchecked, could result in your Sea-Doo engine starving for air should there be a foreign object lodged within your air intake silencer.

A fair warning upfront, this task is very involved and does require a number of steps to even access and remove this air box.  Check your owner’s manual and evaluate your recent riding conditions to determine whether this procedure applies to your particular unit and if it is worth the effort.

The particular unit in this video is a 2017 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130.  It was a rental unit with nearly 900 hours.  It was fair to say that in this case, it’s a good idea to perform this preventative maintenance cleaning considering that rental units are operated by a wide variety of folks with varying degrees of experience.

If the unit was flipped or possibly sucked up a foreign object inside the air silencer, you definitely want to remove it.  The first step is accessing and removing the silencer box.

You must remove the front storage compartment panels and disconnect a series of wiring harness connectors.  Disconnect intake hoses and get them out of the way.  You must then cut a series of wire ties that secure the silencer, wiring harness, and fuel supply hose.

Next remove the breather hose and silencer hose clamp, as well as the straps holding down the silencer.  At this point you are looking at the steering cable and fuel pump and wondering how you’re going to even remove the silencer box.  3ftDeep recommends getting both of these items out of the way.

Now the box can come out and you can remove the two halves to clean it out.  Finally, you will have to re-install everything in reverse order. Up for the challenge?  Check out the video to decide for yourself.

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Brice Leckrone

Brice Leckrone

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