Video: The 550-Horsepower Turbo-Powered FXR500 Is a Beautiful Thing

What do you get when you combine Japanese engineering, American build-quality and German precision? You get a Yamaha WaveRunner making more horsepower than some of the world’s fastest sports cars. That’s what. We only recently heard of CMJ4Tec (Custom Made Jetski) and their 500-plus-horsepower Yamaha FXR500. Although recently featured in a copy of Jet Ski Magazine International, we’re figuring you’re like us and are learning about this amazing machine for the first time, so here’s the quick version:

This is no ordinary FX SVHO. Retaining the top NanoXcel deck, CMJ cuts 170 pounds by using a carbon hull.

The turbocharged machine begins life as a 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO. Building upon the stellar 1,813cc four-cylinder, four-stroke, CMJ’s initial goals were to eke out the maximum power in addition reliability. And as we know, force-fed four-bangers aren’t terribly reliable at those kinds of speeds.

The block was bored over to 86mm x 78mm and sleeved, as the reciprocating assembly was equally modified with a knife-edged, rebalanced crank, new redesigned domed pistons. The top end equally was re-engineered with a pair of custom ground cams, and titanium valves and springs.

Unique to this build and proprietary to CMJ is the CCCS turbo header (or Co-Centric-Collector-System). Spooling this monster upwards to 22-to-28psi is a Garrett GTX 3076RS Turbo capable of spitting out 640hp. Also specific to this build is CMJ’s custom aluminum intercooler. A quartet of big injectors and a programmable Motec M1 ECU feed the beast with two brains – double maps serve to offer exact holeshots each round while the second map is activated by switch during the race.

There’s a metric ton of other innovations on this craft (like being 100-percent carbon fiber) and running a massive 14-vane 165mm Skat-Trak pump, so make sure to go to their site to read up. But until then, enjoy watching this killer in action below:

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