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It’s a beautifully reassuring thing when the whole of the jet skiiing community gathers to support one of its own. Recently, an online HARP fundraiser was initiated for Amanda-Rae Poirier, who as of February 24th was admitted to the hospital for surgery. Amanda‘s friends and family have received an influx of emotional and financial support to help cover extensive medical expenses not covered by insurance and the expected loss of wages while recovering from surgery.

The flood of support has been extensive, and we hope that the readership of The Watercraft Journal can help in the effort. Currently, the goal is $10,500. Many have already pitched in in a big way. In fact, we noted a post on Amanda’s Facebook wall that read, thanks to “Brian Vergin from Thrust Innovation for auctioning off a amazing trim system.” That’s the kind of people in this sport and we’re proud to be a part of it.

All of us here at The Watercraft Journal wish Amanda a very speedy recovery.

Here’s the original post on Amanda’s HARP fundraiser:

On behalf of Amanda and her Family I am happy to report that in just 2 days of initiating the H.A.R.P. online Fundraiser, through the overwhelming response of prayers, support and donations we are at 81% of the online minimum goal of $5,500. Thank you to all for showing what prayer, friendship and support can do. It’s an amazing thing and after having many conversation with Amanda and her family and reading her posts on Facebook there is no doubt she is Completely Overwhelmed and Overcome with joy and love for all of this.

As Amanda and her family gears up for what is certain to be an emotional rollercoaster the next few weeks (Surgery 2/24/14), I want to take this opportunity to remind all Family, Friends, Supporters and Followers of Amanda, that Amanda’s challenge is just beginning.

When the Fundraiser goal was set it was set with the hope that we would garner the support to reach the bare minimum financial goal of $5,500. Due to the overwhelming showering of support and donations from family, co-workers, friends and friends of friends we are raising the Goal to ensure that Amanda has the financial backing that will ease her mind. This will ensure that Amanda can concentrate on making a full and complete recovery while facing the Mental and Physical challenges of Recovery all the while not having to worry about the inevitable surprise medical bills and related expenses.

The new H.A.R.P. Goal is now $10,500. Please spread the word and continue sending the prayers, support and donations and hopefully soon, we will see new post-op pictures of Amanda on her Jet Ski doing what she loves to do out on the water. Together, we can help Amanda get through this.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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