Video: Alaskan Veterinarian Uses Sea-Doo To Reach Animals In Remote Villages

The coastlines and waterways of Alaska link many remote villages and communities, but that rugged marine environment can be quite inhospitable at times. Narrow fjords, large ocean swell and dynamic tidal conditions create fast moving, turbulent water. Chaotic waterfalls rush from steep mountain ranges and sheer granite cliff faces and plunge into the water below. And that water is usually cold. Very cold.

In those remote villages and communities are residents with animals, and those animals need a veterinarian when they are sick or injured. But with no road access, and the prohibitive cost and seasonal unreliability of seaplane journeys, the marine waterways are the only transportation lifeline available.

Sea-Doo and Dr Michelle Oakley are now providing a much-needed solution on those waterways, as the PWC mounted veterinarian operates from her base in Haines, and travels across the Gulf of Alaska as far as the outer coast.

Sea-Doo are well known for their great attachment and storage systems, and Dr Oakley makes good use of these, packing a veterinary ‘tool’ kit on her Sea-Doo and traversing the Alaskan waters in search of both adventure, and animals in need.

Dr Oakley is new to the world of PWCs, and her Sea-Doo has opened a new world for her. The adventurous 51-year-old is now exploring the rivers and glaciers and natural environment of Alaska. Dr Michelle Oakley wants to inspire others to take advantage of the independence that PWC ownership facilitates and get out on adventures.

Where will your next Sea-Doo adventure take you? Watch (and be) Inspired By Dr Michelle Oakley on the official Sea-Doo YouTube channel here:

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