Video: AMMO NYC Restores This Moldy Sea-Doo 130 Back to New

We’ve all seen super dirty, mold-covered watercraft before. Especially if you live somewhere that mold quickly accumulates, the discoloring spores can quickly turn a brightly-hued PWC into a dark, spotted mess. Moreover, there’s nothing quite like seeing a full-blown transformation of a neglected ski into a near-pristine restoration (heck, we at The Watercraft Journal did this nearly a decade ago with a forgotten Sea-Doo GTI).

While we labored with Jet Renu’s total care line, the car detailing gurus at AMMO NYC jumped on a Sea-Doo GTI 130 picked up form an estate sale. Equally moldy and discolored, AMMO NYC details how they restore this Sea-Doo’s finish. Mind you, they mistakenly diagnose this PWC as having gel coat and clear coat, and that is simply not the case. Nonetheless, this video is informative, very well detailed and if anything at all, satisfying to see it restored.

They write, “This is my friend Andy’s jet ski that he found at an estate sale for $500. It was left unused for a few years (not sure how many) as the estate had no idea, but judging by the spiderwebs, mold, and mildew it was more than a season or 2. My guess is this had been tied up to a boat dock outside, as the gel coat was severely faded and the mold in the footwell around the grips was disgusting. In this episode Jason Rose from Rupes USA helps me understand the difference between Gel Coat vs Clear Coat. Hope you enjoy the boat transformation”

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Kevin Shaw

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