Video: Australian Show Hook, Line & Sinker Reviews PFDs

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Andrew and Nick from Hook, Line, and Sinker compare lifejackets in this entertaining video that can be seen on Facebook. According to Andrew and Nick there are 100’s of lifejackets to choose from. Selecting the correct one to fit your needs and one to meet the proper standards of Victoria is the focus of this video.

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are grouped into three classifications: Types 1, 2, and 3. The lifejackets are rated according to buoyancy and color. Type 1 pfds are for use in boats operating in coastal, enclosed, and offshore waters. They are designed with a collar that will roll you face up in the water in case you end up overboard. The jackets are rated at 100 Newton’s and are also inflatable, either manually or with a Co2 cartridge. These particular jackets must be serviced annually.

Types 2 and 3 have a Newton rating of 50 and are used for all other recreational activities such as jet skiing or kayaking. These jackets are typically bright colored so the person wearing them is easily seen. Jackets used specifically for paddling, have thinner shoulders to keep underarm chafing at a minimum.

A type 1 jacket can be worn for any water related activity. The same cannot be said for the type 2 or 3 because those jackets won’t keep you face up and they have a lower Newton rating.

Children under ten must always wear a lifejacket during boating and the most important thing is that the jacket has a proper fit with a fastened strap. An ill-fitting jacket is virtually useless. Make sure everyone onboard has the correct fitting jacket and that it also meets the guidelines set by law.

The boating motto in Victoria states, “Wear a life jacket or others wear the consequences!” A great website to visit for more information about boater safety in Victoria is

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