Video: Bopenski Kickback Chair in Action

If you’ve never had ‘chair envy’, you will after watching this Bopenski Kickback Chair video. We know that we often rave about this chair and with good reason. It’s just so nice to use a chair with a back after spending some time crouched on a PWC.

Give your back a break and chill out in a Bopenski Kickback Chair. It is built specifically for PWC and made to stay put while you take in a sunset on the back of your ski.

This clip gives us one more reason to carry a Bopenski Kickback Chair. Love. The Bopenski video features a group of several couples cruising a lake on their PWC.

They are having a blast! It’s a nice sunny day and it’s they’re riding without any cares in the world and they’re happy to be together. It’s a day we all want, no work, no stress, just a nice ride on the water spending time with someone special.

When the group stops to take breaks, the guys quickly set up the Bopenski chairs on the backs of the skis so the girls can sit and relax. Soon they were were just chilling on the water with no worries. It was a beautiful day. When the group hit the skis again, the chairs were broken down as fast as they were set up and everyone was off and again riding. It seemed like an endless summer of love.

Although the Bopenski short has no sound, it’s easy to get the gist of the advertisement. It’s telling us to enjoy our time on the water with someone we are really into and that we can literally kick back in a chair without leaving the scene.

The Bopenski Kickback Chair is built to last and withstand most anything you can throw at it. It doesn’t require tools and will only set you back $219 and Bopenski is now including free shipping in the continental USA.

Purchase a Bopenski Kickback Chair for your next PWC adventure. You’ll be stoked and so will your significant other.

Posted by Bopenski Watersports on Saturday, August 25, 2018

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