Video: Break in Procedures for your new Krash Industries Ride

The Krash Army comes through once again. On February 12, they released a YouTube video of an easy to follow guide for breaking in a new KV997. You’ll appreciate the content if you’re an old school rider and it’s a great educational tool for a beginning rider.

The short clip features a Krash Army team member taking us through the steps and methods of proper Kavinci engine break in. The Krash team rider begins by explaining that proper break in time will determine the life and performance of your engine. He climbs aboard the Kavinci and shows us how to begin breaking in the new machine. It’s a matter of taking it easy and gradually letting the engine build up to faster speeds. The procedure takes two to three hours and it’s worth every minute in order to extend the life of your PWC.

Here are the steps:
1. Fill the fuel tank.
2. Ride for ten minutes, only opening the throttle 1/4-3/4 of the way.
3. Bring the ski in and let the engine cool for fifteen minutes.
4. Repeat the steps until the tank is empty.
5. Refuel and repeat steps, opening the throttle a little more. Go full throttle for a maximum of 4 seconds at a time. You’ll be finished in two or three hours.

The K997 should be broken in after the second tank of fuel. That’s when you’ll be ready to throw down on your complete Krash Industries Ready-to-Perform Unit.

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Ocean Priselac

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