Video: Dockitjet “Open Water” RIB inflatable Sponson Kits


The Dockitjet RIB inflatable sponson conversion kit started from a very unique idea: Ideal for activity in high surf ocean conditions and for tow assistance and rescues, the kit adds approximately 400kg of positive buoyancy to your PWC which creates a super stable stationary platform allowing it to become a virtually unsinkable craft. If you have a heavy wipeout or roll over, the kit allows your ski to remain upright.

The Dockitjet inflatable sponson collar RIB kit creates a unique re-stabilized deck in its stationary form without interfering too much with the ski’s performance in planing conditions. The PWC still maintains its strong penetration ability through breaking waves due to the tapering off of the inflatable sponsons RIB’s in the bow.


The inflatable tapered sponson RIB kit creates a approximately 35% of added deck space which is great for offshore fishing and offshore SAR rescue situations. Patrol during swimming/triathlon events is a breeze thanks to this fantastic kit. It’s also a great addition to PWC rental companies as it gives  the PWC an added inflatable safety bumper when riding near swimmers or other boats nearby.

The Dockitjet “Open Water” RIB kit Inflatable Sponsons can be either bolted on or glued to the rub strakes of the personal watercraft. Models covered at present are the Sea-Doo RXT and GTX and Sea-Doo Wake models from 155hp through to 255hp and model years from 2004 through 2010. They are currently working on creating a kit for the 2011 through 2016 model years. Kawasaki Ultra and LX models are covered from 2007 through 2016 and Yamaha ski model kits are a work in progress as well.


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