Video: Gain 8mph with Less than $200; SCOM Test on a ’21 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

In the past, it has taken thousands of hard-earned dollars to achieve blistering speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour. Performance shops, at home mechanics, and DIY guys have all done whatever possible to gain performance out of their PWCs. In modern times, the feat of reaching 80 miles per hour is surprisingly cheap and easy to accomplish. Recently tested at the GreenHulk Garage, a $180 part in the has pushed a 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X to an astounding 77 miles per hour while maintaining full factory warranty. This affordable part is none other than RIVA Racing’s Speed Control Override Module (SCOM).

The SCOM is a plug-and-play solution for anyone seeking to gain top speed without breaking the bank! As tested in south Louisiana’s swamp at sea level and a half tank of fuel, the GreenHulk Garage RXP-X gained 8mph over the factory speed limiter with the trim set in the far-most up position. Yes, that is 8mph over the factory speed limiter; even though the digital display on your Sea-Doo may read low 70s, it will only reach those speeds for a split second before the speed limiter is activated and slows the craft down to 69mph.

The SCOM removes this speed limiter that has been mandated by the United States Coast Guard and unlocks the full potential of your Sea-Doo. Not only does this allow for a drastic increase in top speed, but it allows your Sea-Doo to start in sport mode. Many of us find it inconvenient to engage sport mode after every start of the engine. With the SCOM installed, the machine will start back up ready in sport mode. Obviously, the SCOM is unmatched for the amount of performance and features that the module offers for the price point. But the question remains; Is it easy to install?

Anyone, and I literally mean anyone, can install a SCOM on their Sea-Doo in less than one minute! The module does include a mounting plate that neatly fastens the SCOM to the watercraft; it does require some drilling but is still rather simple to install. Understandably, not everyone is going to want to drill into their new watercraft. If hard mounting the module is not in your interest, all you have to do is plug the module into the diagnostic cable found on the coolant reservoir and zip-tie the SCOM in a secure location.

Since the only “install” required is plugging in the module, it is 100 percent reversible! For whatever reason you decide to remove the SCOM, you can do so without leaving a trace! To top it all off, the SCOM does not void your warranty! The SCOM is undetectable by service departments and does not increase engine RPM or performance that could possibly void the manufacturer’s engine warranty.

With this in mind, the RIVA Racing SCOM is going to be the best modification one can make to their watercraft when looking to gain a few MPH. Coming in at under $200, warranty friendly, and effortless installation, it is hard to beat the value the SCOM offers. If looking to purchase the SCOM, visit the for the best deal! Use coupon code “GREENHULK” at checkout to receive 10% off! Of course, if 77 mph isn’t quite enough for you, the has plenty of performance parts to meet your needs!

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Greg Gaddis

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