Video: How to Flush and Fog Your Kawasaki Ultra 300X or 310X

Here’s a short YouTube clip with easy to follow instructions on how to flush and fog your Kawasaki 310 and 300 Ultras. Jamie Eade from Brisbane Kawasaki takes you through the correct way to flush your machine so you can safely store it until next season.

Begin by grabbing the fitting kit and screwing it onto the intercooler fitting. Once it’s fitted, attach the hose to intercooler outlet and turn on the water. Let the flushing commence. Allow the water to flush out the intercooler for about five minutes. Do not run the engine.

Next, take off the fitting kit and attach it to the motor flushing opening. Attach the hose, start the motor, and turn on the water. You’ll want to have a nice strong flow of water. This means that your system is clear. Let the water run for five minutes.  Turn off the water and rev the engine   to clear any water from the exhaust. You only need to rev the engine a few times because you don’t want it to get too hot because the next step is to fog.

Once you have finished the flushing, unhook the hose and take out the flush fitting. Follow that with pulling off the fogging port so you can put a little oil film on the supercharger to protect it from corrosion. Put the skinny straw from the fogging spray into the port and spray for a few seconds.

Follow up by cranking and giving the engine a couple of revs. Let the engine run while spraying for another few seconds. Rev the engine again, turn it off, replace the port, and finish the task by spraying the engine with WD40.

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Ocean Priselac

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  1. Avatar
    Paul 23 September, 2020 at 10:40 Reply

    Great Video. Do you need to fogg the supercharger each time you go our regardless of you using the SLO key or the FPO key? Is there a special “straw” that fits in the fogging hole? The straw I have doesn’t fit in completely.

    • Kevin Shaw
      Kevin Shaw 23 September, 2020 at 11:05 Reply

      Interesting question about the straw. It might depend on the brand of oil you’re using. Most should wedge in there. And no, you shouldn’t have to fog the supercharger as often.

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