Video: Introducing the Rolls Royce of PWC, The Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod

Of course, this is so new it doesn’t exactly exist yet but that’s not stopping the online blogosphere (and us, for that matter) from chatting this thing up. Designed by California-based Strand Craft studios, the bull-nosed personal watercraft is not quite near ready for production, and whether there’s demand for personal watercraft with a teak-lined tray, leather seating and y’know, a 5.7-liter (350ci) V8 engine is still up in the air.

Christened the “V8 Wet Rod,” this opulent machine is no run-of-the-mill runabout. Designed as a true luxury watercraft, or better yet, a miniaturized motorboat for two, the V8 Wet Rod is a robust 16-feet long, featuring a carbon fiber-and-epoxy shell. Beneath the hood is the aforementioned V8 churning out 300 horsepower.

There’s not much stated in the way of the usual amenities found on modern watercraft, like cruise control, brakes, reverse, or even fuel capacity, on that the design house estimates their craft reach a speed of 65mph. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff. But there is a waterproof luggage compartment and an ice box under the seat.

Currently, the V8 Wet Rod comes with a variety of optional features, including a chrome engine dress up kit, wood and carbon fiber inlays, special custom paint or vinyl wrap, an on board sound system, GPS and even a custom trailer! Until it hits production, all we have to enjoy is the video below:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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