Video: Introducing The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack


We’ve been showing you some pretty oddball stuff lately, but we’re actually really liking the idea of the x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack. Somewhere between Sea-Doo’s Dolphin Sea Scooter and the JetLev, the x2 Sport is the ideal snorkeling toy. Basically, a wearable propulsion system, the x2 Sport is propelled by the patented wrist-mounted “Hydra thrusters” that are mounted to a pair of soft silicone mounting cuff. The two thrusters are controlled via an analogue trigger integrated into the throttle grip and powered by batteries tucked into a backpack.

Designed as a supplement to underwater divers, swimmers and snorkelers, the “x2 provides the effort, saving your precious oxygen allowing longer duration dives.” Additionally, the x2 “opens up a whole new experience in underwater acrobatics by allowing you to twist, turn and spin. You’re only limited by your imagination and the best part is that your hands will be free enabling you to stop to take photos,” according to the IndieGoGo campaign page. Thus far, they have raised over $12,000 of their $35,000 goal, which is pretty good – but it could be much better.


We really like the idea of this entrepreneurial device and think it could be a big help to recreational scuba divers and possibly even be adapted for military applications. Although you won’t boil the water at 6mph, the x2 Sport does add to the normal human’s normally-slow speed significantly. Watch the video below and see it in action. We think you’ll like the x2 as much as we do, and maybe enough to donate!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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