Video: Jetski Fishing Show Has Run-in With Mako Shark

Jet ski fishing has quickly become one of the fastest-growing branches of personal watercraft usage outside of the United States. We sorta harp on this subject a little too often, because it’s still perplexing that fishermen have taken to plastic kayaks before using a PWC. Oh well, right? Well, not quite because there’s literally a multi-billion-dollar industry that the PWC industry hasn’t sunken it’s teeth into.

Speaking of which, outside of the US, particularly with Australian and New Zealand markets, PWC fishing is huge – so much so, that television channels dedicate prime time slots to the sport. One such is the Jetski Fishing Show with host, Kirk Davis aboard his Yamaha FX HO. Recently, New Zealander Davis had a run-in with a particularly nasty customer who wasn’t going to take any of his guff.

In a Facebook post earlier this month, he wrote: “Last time I interacted with a Mako it came flying out of the water behind me. Yesterday, one came in and tried to chew on the Yamaha Marine New Zealand WaveRunner!! Check it out.”

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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