Video: Kspeed Shows How to Deactivate Kawasaki’s Smart Steering System

There are few outlets on the planet more active in the Kawasaki JetSki performance community than Kspeed. Whether it’s developing new products to elevate the rough water prowess of the supercharged Ultra machines, or showing corporate that a 310-horsepower powerplant can deftly fit within the factory confines of the new STX 160LX’s engine compartment, Kspeed is paving new roads for the JetSki brand.

In a recent Facebook post, Kspeed addressed an old annoyance by many experienced riders – namely, the off-throttle “Smart Steering System” that activates when the rider attempts to maneuver their Kawasaki in tight confines without giving the ski any throttle. While good for neophytes and novices, the feature can become a bit tedious for those knowing how to manage on their own. See below:

We are seeing a lot of people on the forums and Facebook groups saying the revs stay up when letting go of the throttle, Like a sticky throttle on their Kawasaki JetSkis. New ones, old ones, it doesn’t matter.

This is the Kawasaki’s Smart Steering System kicking in. It does so when you have the handle bars turned and release the throttle too quickly.

It is a safety feature to prevent novice riders dropping the throttle in an emergency and losing steering control. We find that most experienced riders prefer it disconnected; it is also preferable to have it disconnected when towing tubes.

If you want to know how to disconnect it, see the below video. It’s a quick 2 minute job and this applies to all Kawasaki 4-stroke sit down JetSkis.

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