Video: Mud Bogging Vintage Runabouts With Typhoon Tommy And Eric Malone


Men do a lot of things on a dare. It’s a character trait that separates us from our farer gender. The whole, “Hey, hold my beer and watch this meme” is almost strictly regulated towards the daring of men looking to show off for friends and the adoration of complete strangers, and as long as nobody or personal property gets hurt, it’s all good. Right?

Towards the end of a jet ski freestyle competition show in Philadelphia (back in 2012) after the tide went out, some of the riders had a little bit of fun with the mud the receding tide revealed. While we’re all for a little bit of fun to kill some time, when you fill the crowd with the likes of “Typhoon Tommy” Nuttall, Mike Hoffman, Eric Malone, Ryan Doberstein, you’re sure to witness some antics.

It didn’t take long for Doberstein to get stuck in the mud. Shortly thereafter, Typhoon Tommy aboard his (what appears to be) a ’94 Sea-Doo XP started making hard-leaning passes around Ryan who had little choice but to watch the show. As fate would have it, Tommy pressed his luck too far and lodged his runabout in the soft stuff too.

Eventually, the two were pulled free and left to flush their skis clean of the earthen stuff but not before this video was taken showing their exploits:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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