Video: Sea-Doo Extends Its “Share Your SeaDooLife”‬ Contest


Attention Sea-Doo riders! Chances are that many of you will be taking your watercraft out this holiday weekend. Your local areas will be filled with sunshine, friends, family, BBQ’s, boats and watercraft. Your social media accounts will be going crazy.

With all the new technological advancements in the recent years, it has made for people to start videotaping and taking pictures of themselves while doing insane things. If you have a GoPro, Drone, camera or any other photo taking device, use it today, this Canada Day and and throughout this 4th of July weekend. There is a reward that Sea-Doo is offering and you may want to tune in.

“Share your #SEADOOLIFE” is back with a new twist. Sea-Doo is conducting a mid-summer photo contest for every rider to show off their beautiful watercraft. Whether you have a all stock Sea-Doo, slight modifications or a complete, turbocharged watercraft, now is the time to show you beautiful machine off! Whether you are a lake rider, river rider or ocean rider, there are multiple angles that you can take advantage of to really show off your Sea-Doo. Share your pictures on every social media account! The more exposure the better.

Remember that being creative and doing something never done before, will make you stand out from the rest. Sea-Doo wants everybody to enjoy their time out on the water so keep that in mind. BRP wants someone that can best represent their company and what the stand for. They accept videos/pictures of inner tubing, wakeboarding, water skiing, exploring, fishing etc. As long as it shows you love being on your Sea-Doo they will consider you. A winner will be picked July 17th, 2016.

Now for the answer you have all been waiting for, the top prize is $500 of Sea-Doo watercraft gear. So, while you are out this weekend, celebrating our country’s independence, think about snapping a photo of your watercraft. Who knows, you may be the winner and be awarded with some great gear! Be creative, do something different and you may even come home a winner! To enter, click HERE.

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

Blake decided to buy a jet ski before a car and it was the greatest decision of his life. He was able to start reading on the forums and absolutely fell in love with the information and the sport. Blake says he will be riding jet skis for a very long time.

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