Video: UFloat is The Upside Down PFD You Didn’t Know You Wanted


OK, first things first: this is not something you’d wear while riding, so let’s just get that out of the way. Rather, the UFloat is as the website officially states, “a flotation device designed for use in calm water.” Intended for lounging around your local lake, river or backyard pool, the UFloat goes on pretty much like a giant adult diaper (we really couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. Sorry).

Yet, believe it or not, the UFloat is in fact, certified by the USCG as a wearable PFD. Actually, there’s two kinds of UFloats available: a recreational model with a universal adult size (waist size 24″-48″) and the USCG PFD model with a universal adult size (same as previous).

Made of high quality components consisting of breathable neoprene, PVC foam, and polyester mesh, the UFloat was designed from the bottom up (zing!) for maximum comfort as the creators fully expect you to bob around for hours without rubbing your skin raw with traditional, cheaper materials.

Although UFloat really wants you to believe it can take the place of a traditional life jacket or PFD, the UFloat is not rated for speed or use on any sort of watercraft, so we don’t want to see a bunch of jet skiers ripping around in giant neoprene Depends. Got it? Good.

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Kevin Shaw

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