Video: Ultraskiff 360 is The Sea-Doo Spark of Fishing Craft


The Ultraskiff 360 is a round, lightweight boat that is easy to tow, move, and launch. The disc is balanced well so it’s great for fishing and hunting. The video below shows it rigged for fishing and also transformed into a duck blind for hunting. The skiff weighs in at 123 pounds and is 6-feet in diameter. It retails for around $1,600 and is made in the USA.

The boat has numerous features and is geared toward the recreational boater and the serious sportsman. Whatever you choose, this thing will get you on the water quickly and easy. A person can put it on a hand truck or just roll it to its destination. It is designed so it won’t tip and the deck won’t even incline so there is no fear of tipping.

The video has a guy bouncing in the boat and it barely moves and another man is shown jumping into the water and he easily climbs aboard from the water. Another scene shows a guy reeling in a fish with no issues keeping his balance, he even lies down to net it. The sleek design allows a person to comfortably and safely lay or kneel over the side with no fear of falling into the water.


Jeffrey Lizzio, the inventor of the boat, recommends outfitting the boat yourself since people like different seats,motors, and batteries. However, it is possible to find a dealer who will sell a buyer an outfitted boat.

The skiff does come with these removable accessories:
•    Four Cup Holders
•    Three Storage Compartments
•    One Battery Compartment
•    OneTow ring/Anchor holder
•    One Transom with Covers
•    Eight Strap Guides
•    Six Rod holders
•    One Side Bumper
•    One Prow
•    Six Bottom Skegs
•    One Center Hole
•    One Drainage Canal

The boat seems great for the solo fisherman, hunter, or just someone who likes to doing own thing by themselves since there’s only room for one person. Visit Ultraskiff for more information.

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