Video: Vanquish Yachts Builds Yamaha-Based Vanqraft VQ16 Luxo PWC

If you’ve never heard of Vanquish Yachts before, you will now! They have just released a brand new watercraft that is sure to cause waves in the market. Based in the Netherlands, Vanquish Yachts offers you something truly unique. Their high-end, high-performance yachts are built by hand using the very latest construction techniques. Their boats have a radical appearance and an elegant allure that sets them truly apart from anything else on the water. While they are well known for their larger vessels, they have just released a brand new product based around the styling and design of a PWC. Their stunning Vanqraft VQ16 “Jet ski Yacht” is sure to be a hit.

The Vanqraft VQ16 is a crossover between a superyacht and a jet ski. Stand at the helm of this spacious 5.07 meter-long beauty and you are guaranteed to enjoy the thrill of a genuinely unique watercraft. The best part is; you can also have five of your friends or family on board! For the eagle-eyed enthusiast, you’ll recognize a lot of the Vanqraft is based off of a Yamaha FX.

Powered by a 160-horsepower Yamaha HO 1.8L engine, you can easily reach 40 knots on the water. If you want to go even faster, you can opt for the supercharged SHO-powered “Veloce” edition that roars along at more than 50 knots! The craft also features a full reverse feature which gives you full flexibility and maneuverability [we presume this is by employing Yamaha’s RiDE system -Ed.].

Like all of their other watercraft, the VQ16 is fully customizable and will be built to your exact specifications or taste! The VQ16 isn’t cheap though, with a sticker price of $79,950 Euros (around $89,000 USD before tax, we’ve been told). The supercharged Veloce version stickers at $94,950 Euros (around $106,000 USD before tax). While they aren’t cheap, they look totally sharp. Check it out!

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