Video: Witness György Kasza’s Insane 90-Plus MPH GP1 Doncaster Run


Imagine a racing class where there are no rules. Imagine if all restrictions were pulled, allowing racers and builders to unleash their wildest creations, where technology and athleticism combine to provide the utmost in on-the-water personal watercraft performance. That would be (save for a few restrictions), what is known as the GP class. Alternate hulls, engine swaps, high tech materials and top-of-the-line innovation abound in the GP class, and rightfully so, so do some of the fastest speeds achieved on the closed course.

Now, many of you might not know the name György Kasza, or even watched the culmination of the Freegun Jetcross World Cup held in Doncaster Lakeside, UK. last weekend. What stands out among outstanding performances from Chris MacClugage, Jeremy Poret, Kevin Reiterer and many others, was Kasza’s incredibly fast GP class Sea-Doo. The Hungarian’s turbo Rotax-powered, and RXP-X/GTR monster erupted from the line and never looked back.

Producing “north of 500 horsepower,” the Hungarian won the International Runabout Grand Prix (GP), besting James Bushell on his 158 Performance Sea-doo RXP-X, and Doncaster local Brad Rickaby with well-over 90-plus-mph speeds. Kasza is no stranger to championships, earning the Slalom UIM World Championship last year, and racking up 10 Hungarian champions before entering the world arena. The included video below alone is a testament to Kasza’s skills and endurance, as he pulls a significant lead on Bushell and backs off (to preserve this engine) towards the very end.

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Kevin Shaw

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