Video: Yamaha WaveRunners Connext System Update for 2024

Yamaha WaveRunners recently rolled out a brand-new seven-inch touch screen for their Connext System Display and an upgraded infotainment center for the new FX models. It is packed with excellent features that will make life on the water even better. Access robust well-organized menus with just a touch of a finger. You literally have total control of your WaveRunner at your fingertips.

With the new and improved large screen it’s much easier to see important information about your PWC while underway. The latest interface has a simplified and cleaner layout, making it easy to set up the various menus in a way that works for you. This new interactive hub offers quick and easy access to navigation, entertainment, and vital watercraft information.

The Home screen features a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, trim settings, battery voltage meter, and shift position. Located below the home screen are icons, which alert you to when your engine needs service. There is also a check oil light, a temperature gauge, and a mute button for the low fuel buzzer. The whole panel is well lit and the digital gauges and icons are large, and easy to read at a glance.

Several different modes can be selected as well. You can choose economy, performance, comfort, tow, or customize your own riding mode. The navigation tab is another awesome feature on the Connext panel. When activated, your region-specific map card is displayed. From the map, you can choose other navigation features like adding waypoints.

Connext has many great media functions as well. Connect your phone or other devices via Bluetooth and have access to your music, receive texts, and calls. The Connext System has one of the best security set ups on the market, especially since security is a top priority on Yamaha WaveRunners.

A key security feature is a PIN Code that you set up. This code locks the engine and prevents unauthorized start up until you enter it again. Make sure you check out the tutorial with all the features explained. With the Yamaha Connext Infotainment System, you can be sure your WaveRunner is always connected and protected.

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