Videos: Aquanami’s JetAngler, Jet-Powered Fishing Kayak


For those PWC enthusiasts that love fishing and kayaking but don’t want any of the physical exertion that comes with paddling; we present the JetAngler by Aquanami. The JetAngler was released in 2015 and is a revolutionary motorized one or two man kayak. This unique 360 cm/11.8 ft long kayak allows you to fish where only kayaks can go.

Powered by a 17.5 horsepower, 4-stroke gasoline engine, the JetAngler has the range and reliability that previously only a boat could offer. Imagine planning a fishing trip where you search for remote coves and areas unfriendly to boats because of their draft. The search results deliver destinations miles from launch sites and usually these areas are probably far out of reach for paddle kayaks. The JetAngler is truly the answer to this problem.

With a top speed of 32 mph and a range of 100 miles per tank, your reach into the wilderness is as wide as your imagination. You will very likely be finding fish no one else can reach. It is rugged in every way and handles like a dream. The JetAngler kayak is almost 96 cm wide which allows it to be extremely stable in the water and actually difficult to over turn. 

This kayak is ideally suited for fresh and salt water fisherman as well as it serves the duck and goose hunters well. It was developed specifically for the adventurous lover of the outdoors. If you are a fisherman or waterfowl hunter this gas powered kayak is just what you have been wishing for. It will get you into places that boats can’t get to and will take you into locations that you don’t want to walk to. It’s small enough to conceal your whereabouts, and big enough to be considered rugged, durable, functional, and affordable. Even if you don’t hunt or fish; it’s a blast to drive and ride in. 

It comes equipped with fishing rod mounting bases,dry storage compartments, easy-to-use central joystick, adjustable foot pedals, analog gauges for easy reading and an electric start. The 3.7 gallon (14L) gas tank gives the JetAngler an approximate range 160 km (100 miles), or 2 hours of ride time at full throttle, or 3.5 hours at 3/4 throttle.

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