Videos: British Jet Skier Builds Kawasaki 650SX JetSki For The Road

As a kid, do you remember singing the nursery tune, “One of things is not like the other”? Well, a motorcycle meet in Totton (a town and civil parish in Hampshire, England) featured some really cool vintage bikes from manufacturers from across the globe, but none expected to welcome this unlikely import from Japan…well, sorta.

Wrapped in a full wetsuit, boots, gloves and lifevest (because y’know, you gotta wear a lifevest), this British jet ski enthusiast wheeled into the parking lot aboard a repurposed two-stroke Kawasaki 650SX JetSki. Although details pertaining to the build are scarce, simple observation reveals that 1. the powertrain is not the factory twin-cylinder, two-stroke; and 2. it’s very likely the hybrid of a small gas scooter than an actual small cc motorcycle.

Nevertheless, the bright green-and-white Kawasaki certainly drew people’s attention and the unnamed rider made a good show of it. Thankfully, as it is in this day and age, with everybody carrying a cellphone with video-capturing capabilities, two videos of the ski’s triumphant entry to the motorcycle meet have made it online, which we’ve included below for your enjoyment:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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