Videos: Could We See an Entire Amphibious Vehicle Lineup In the Future?


Remember the Quadski made by Gibbs Technologies? Well, those guys recently put up some videos of an entire lineup of amphibious vehicles. That lineup included an amphibious motorcycle (BiSki), a Can-Am like trike (TriSki), a side-by-side (TerraQuad), and some videos of some old amphibious cars we’ve never seen.

Here’s a compilation of all the models:

As of right now, the BiSki, TriSki, and TerraQuad are still considered as ‘concepts.’ The Quadski and Quadski XL, however, are in production.

We got word that Gibbs would be bringing some interesting products to the table at the International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, FL, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

We don’t have much info on these new amphibious vehicles. All we have at this time are the on-water horsepower estimates listed on the company’s website. You can see these beasts in action below:

The BiSki, which makes 55 horsepower on the water.

The TriSki, which makes 135 horsepower on the water.

The TerraQuad, which makes an impressive 140 horsepower on the water.

Gibbs has been around for over a decade, and have built quite a few amphibious vehicles in the past. You may remember some from various publicity stunts. Here are some videos of these vehicles from the Gibbs Technologies past.

This is the Aquada amphibious car. What’s not to love? It’s pretty much a sports car that is also a boat!

This is the Phibian, which is obviously a more commercial work vehicle.

And finally, the Humdinga. It’s more of a boat with wheels than a truck with a hull.

You’ve probably seen these already, but here are the Quadskis.

And the Quadski XL:

We are hoping these Gibbs models will grow from concept to production model. We will keep you updated as we find out more info.

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