Video: CRT Racing’s Insane 104-Plus-MPH Turbo-Powered GPRXP

“Bananas,” is all we can say. This ski is bananas. Years ago, 80 miles per hour on a personal watercraft was scorching fast. As is with all things, that limit continued to be pushed further and further along until 90 miles per hour became the benchmark (particularly as the 2014 Yamaha SVHO FZR can hit 80mph with little more than an ECU reflash). Today, a ski that can reach triple digits is doable but is rare. And those that can surpass 100 are really, really rare.

The turbo-charged Rotax-powered Yamaha GPR WaveRunner built by CRT Racing and MWS is one of those. Built as a “grudge race ski,” CRT and Modular Wiring Solutions (MWS) have got themselves an absolute missile on their hands…that is oddly stock in some very unusual places. Here’s the breakdown:

CRT race-spec engine was blueprinted and fitted with a stock head with stock valves and stock cam. Keeping the head down are a set of ARP head studs. Inside the block are Pauter connecting rods spinning forged pistons. A beautiful Gato intake manifold ingests the forced air through an Accufab throttle body. Force-feeding the Rotax is a CRT Turbo kit consisting of a Precision 62mm turbo with a billet wheel and water cooled backhousing, as well as a CRT intercooler, a CRT Fuel System and 220lb injectors pumping E85 fuel.

Providing the spark are a set of AEM coils, a Modular Wiring Solutions waterproof harness for AEM EMS-4, and an absolutely pristine Lacey Powersports turbo headers. Oh yeah, and Modular Wiring Solutions PWC power distribution module with integral nitrous control, which they use pretty liberally. Yup, lots of boost and squeeze. That’s how you run 104-plus.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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