Videos: Game Over Racing’s 100-Plus MPH Boosted Demon PWC


There’s no denying the facts, when pursuing the big triple numbers, the first step is acquiring a 15-year-old Yamaha GP1300R hull. The design of this particular hull has become the standard from which all top speed Open class Hydrodrag racers have built upon in their race towards world domination. From this singular foundation, all of the fastest personal watercraft racers in the world then insert their own formula of performance to push them to that coveted 110-plus-mile per hour level.

One such racer is Ray Sanchez. Piloting the “Boosted Demon” built by Game Over Racing, Sanchez has chased the world record of 112mph closely now. Below, we’ve included two videos from Gregg Mandigo’s “unsane” YouTube channel documenting Sanchez’s pursuit, the first run was taken during Round 3 of the 2014 Hydrodrags in Polk City, Fl. on July 13, 2014. Verified by a Stalker Radar Gun, Sanchez clicked off a 104.5mph pass even while navigating 3-inch chop.

As you watch the second video, wherein Ray clicks off an impressive 109.5mph pass, you’ll see the difference absolute glass makes for skis at these speeds to keep them hooked up. Sanchez will chase the record again this year and look to overthrow Mikael Gonzalez’s standing as the fastest personal watercraft in the world.

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Kevin Shaw

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