Video: Maikel Gonzalez Shatters World Record With 112mph Top Speed

The podium also marked the first time all three Unlimited class finishers surpassed 100mph: with Carlito David del Valle (101), Maikel Gonzalez (112) and Leya-ray Sanchez (108). Image: April Odineal Hibdon

The numbers don’t lie. It’s a maxim we at The Watercraft Journal have been using and its sure to be repeated with the results of this weekend’s Greenhulk Hydrodrags. Following the annual MudBug gathering of forum members in Morgan City, Louisiana, the second round of the Hydrodrags came to the quiet port town to chew up the still southern waters.

While there was no shortage of trash talk and money being exchanged between drag racers, the big talk was who was going to beat the standing record of 106mph in the Speed Alley. The record has stood for a good while now and quite frankly, folks were getting antsy for a new champion.

Aboard a CRT-built “GPRXP”, Miami, Florida’s Maikel Gonzalez not only broke the record, but outright shattered it with two back-to-back world-dominating passes. Titled “Blue Zone,” Maikel’s GPRXP was anticipated to surpass the standing record, but not like this…

Blue Zone – a full-tilt conversion ski comprised of a Yamaha GPR1300 hull and deck with a turbo-powered Rotax 4-tec plant – is now the fastest ski on the planet.

In his first pass in the RIVA Racing Speed Alley Hydro Unlimited class, Maikel tipped the GPS’ and radar gun at 108 miles per hour! If leaping past the standing record was a fluke, Maikel made his second – and most amazing – attempt, firing off an astounding 112 miles per hour.

The Watercraft Journal talked with Maikel who beamed, “I can’t explain how happy I feel right now; it’s a dream come true! The pass I did was from 35mph to 112mph in 3.4 seconds…insane!”

Although unwilling to share all of his secrets, Maikel did provide a small breakdown of what propels “Blue Zone”: “The ski is powered by a CRT-built, turbocharged Sea-Doo 4-tec engine making in excess of 700hp but still driveable as a recreational ski. Power is delivered by a Precision Turbocharger and intercooler, but kept under control at all times by AEM performance electronics. Fuel delivery is accomplished through a custom CRT setup consisting of an E85-compatible system feeding six 2200cc injectors.”

Maikel concluded, “I would like to thank our sponsors AEM Performance Electronics, WWR, Gato Performance, Euro Export, Modular Wiring Solutions, and CRT.”

It’s hard to wrap your head around how fast 112 miles per hour is on a personal watercraft, so to help, we’ve included exclusive footage of the legendary speed pass graciously provided by Adam Barbanell who was on hand at this weekend’s Hydrodrags:

2014 Hydrodrag Results

1. Clay Barbee
2. Rich Block
3. Tonito Lopez

1. Stan Hightower
2. Scott Rice
3. Brett Nance

1. Kerry Hibdon
2. Stan Hightower
3. Chuck Germany

1. Kerry Hibdon
2. Stan Hightower
3. Brett Nance

1. Kerry Hibdon
2. Stan Hightower
3. Carlio De Valle

RIVA Racing Speed Alley

Hydro N/A
1. Tonito Lopez 71
2. Clay Barbee 66

Hydro Stock Speed Alley
1. Scott Rice 81 80
2. Kristian Izchazo 81 78
3. Carlito De Valle 63

Hydro Spec
1. Ron Allision 58 (broke)

Hydro Superstock
1. Brett Nance 97*
2. Ross Niemoeller 95

Hydro Unlimited
1. Maikel Gonzalazes 112**
2. Rayge Sanchez 108
3. Carlito De Valle 101

· **IJSBA World Record
· *New Records
· First time that three Unlimited racers go over 100mph

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