Videos: Greenhulk’s 80MPH ’16 FZ SVHO With a RIVA Stage & V-Tech Tune


The Watercraft Journal has enjoyed a long friendship with Jerry Gaddis, owner of, the PWC industry’s largest and most active enthusiast forum, and are excited to share Step 1 in Jerry’s on-going build journal:

After running 77-plus-mph with a bone stock ski with the “bone stock” RIVA/V-Tech tune on my 2016 Yamaha FZS, I decided to put the Stage 1 parts on and upload the RIVA/V-Tech Stage 1 tune with my MaptunerX unit, and am extremely pleased with the results:

80.4 mph came very easy at only 8220 RPM. I depitched the Solas 13/20 that comes with the kit to a 13/18 – being that I ride in a very hot climate. The acceleration is brutal! Air temps for this test were 89 degrees F and fuel was 3/4 tank, and I’m a 255 pound rider.

As you can see in the image [above] there is only 4.9 hours on this ski. This test was with the stock ride plate and trim one click up from Neutral. Adding the Jim’s ride plate would have yielded another 2 mph. I will test that this weekend.

Above: Have a look at how restrictive the intake manifold flame arrestor is (ribbon). Doing the intake manifold upgrade is a MUST for any ski. 

Top: All of these parts and V-Tech MaptunerX system are available in PWCPerformance’s online store at discounted prices. (The discount code is “greenhulk”). Below: Take note that I also installed the R&D dual friction washer between the pump and impeller. This makes removing the impeller in the future a breeze. I highly recommend this for all skis!


Above: And the big news: I then put the Jim’s Modified SVHO plate on my ski and gained a solid 2.2 mph. 82.6 mph with only Stage 1 parts and tune and a Jim’s plate? Incredible!

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Jerry Gaddis

Jerry Gaddis

Jerry Gaddis is the owner and operator of the single-largest PWC performance enthusiast forum in the world,, as well as one of the most successful performance online stores, Jerry is a top speed pioneer and trend-setter watched by tens of thousands.

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