What? 320HP Ducati-Inspired Jet Ski With Twin Ducati 1098 Engines


Long ago, Kawasaki penned the JS440 as the “dirt bike of the water.” And rightfully so. It was lightweight, agile, nimble and a whole lot of fun. But as current personal watercraft have evolved, grown and matured, so has the comparison. Today’s full-sized runabouts are supercharged, option-loaded, technological powerhouses, and so the stripped-down dirt bike analogy doesn’t quite fit.

Rather, many regard today’s watercraft to modern superbikes. And the comparison sticks. That’s why the release of a handful of computer-generated designs from Zolland Design AB are making such big waves. The design company’s renderings of Ducati-inspired personal watercraft – replete with twin Ducati 1098 engines – has gone viral, and frankly, we’re a little late on reporting on it.

Zolland’s interpretation of a possible Ducati-inspired runabout powered by dual 1098cc engines, would “quite possibly become the world’s fastest jet ski” according to GT Spirit. Of course, the 1098cc four-stroke Ducati plant cranks out a respectable 160HP and 90.4lbs. ft. of torque, so paired with a second engine would equate 320 horsepower and 180.8lbs. ft. of torque.

That of course, would eclipse Kawasaki’s 310-horsepower output, crowning the theoretical watercraft the new King of Horsepower, even without the Ducati plants benefiting from the assistance of a supercharger like the 310X.

Aesthetically, Zolland’s design draws heavily from the traditional Ducati look and would definitely blur the lines between the PWC market and the sportbike lovers.


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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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