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If the last few weeks are any sign of how 2015 is going to be, we’re off to a pretty rocky start. While we’re not dealing with Snowden-level espionage here, the amount of leaks springing up are enough to give the little Dutch boy fits. Back in early August, only a day before the official release of the new Yamaha WaveRunner lineup, the whole 2015 catalog was uploaded online. Needless to say, the Internet in its ever-vigilance snatched it up and posted all the press pictures online. The leak was plugged up, the images removed from as many chat room threads as possible, but the cat was already out of the bag.

A couple of weeks ago, images of all-new 2015 Kawasakis sprang up on the Facebook wall of Australian powersports dealership, Brisbane Kawasaki. The Watercraft Journal caught wind of the spy shots and quickly shared the untimely reveal (but again, not before message boards managed to publish the link before us). The ensuing article stirred up some ire within the halls of Kawasaki, and some hides were promptly tanned, but one can hardly blame a dealership for wanting to promote a new crop of 2015 products before their competitors, having just received them from the distribution hub.


Then came this Tuesday morning. Over half a dozen text messages came pouring over our phone declaring, “Sea-Doo leaked their 2015 brochure!” And sure enough, they had. The update was purely accidental and the downloadable PDF was promptly removed, but well past the time necessary for savvy Sea-Doo fans to download the file. Like a Southern California wildfire, message boards, chat rooms and social media threads were awash in pictures and screen captures of the new Sea-Doos.

Admittedly, even we at The Watercraft Journal got in on the fun. Exercising the restraint of Himalayan monks, we waited a full 24 hours before publishing the leaked materials. (Can you blame us?) Excitement was high, on both ends of the magazine. It took a few hours, but better judgement got the best of us, and we redacted much of the article. (Some will note that much of this article is carried over from the first story.) It wasn’t an ideal scenario, but thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long.



For 2015, Sea-Doo has included some updated technology, specifically a new RF DESS (Digitally Encoded Security System) lanyard. That “RF?” It means “radio frequency.” This key allows for faster starts and better security measures. According to Sea-Doo, the new DESS key, “featur[es] radio frequency technology and a new ball-in-socket design.” This new design allows for a “more precise connection” that instantly activates upon attachment, allowing for instant starting at all times. The digitally-encoded key replaces the previous encoded lanyard and is standard on all 2015 models and optional on Sparks, and is the brand’s theft deterrent standard.

Although much of the standard technology is carried over from previous models, it doesn’t detract from their importance. Sea-Doo’s commitment to innovation and technology, is evident in the brand’s only functioning suspension system (available in three forms: S, aS and iS, on the GTX S 155, RXT-X 260 aS, and GTX Limited 260 iS, respectively). Sea-Doo’s iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) and of course, iBR, the first functioning brake system on a PWC (particularly relevant in the wake of Yamaha’s RiDE system). Additional features include Sea-Doo’s VTS trim, cruise control and watertight bow storage (available as an option).


Big surprises for the new year are a lack of new coloring for the Spark lineup. All hues (black, white, orange, yellow, and pink) remain unchanged. Sea-Doo has introduced a new selection of six graphic kits to help customize your Spark with upwards of 26 color variations, which should help to jazzy up the continued colors. Of course, Sparks can be had in 48 variations, from 2 or 3-up seating, 60 or 90HP ACE outputs, or opted with manual reverse or iBR, bow storage and a slew of other goods.

What will likely be the biggest discussion topic is Sea-Doo’s color choices for the rest of its lineup segments. For those who liked the wild iridescent colors on last year’s Wake models (Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215, which remain unchanged for 2015), you’re gonna love what Sea-Doo is coming out with. Colors like Orange Crush, Maldives Blue and Manta Green are paired with Anthracite Grey, Sunburst Yellow and Hyper Silver are exciting to see, and pretty obviously a strong nod towards the vibrant colors of the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Starting with the X Series (because that’s the kind of guys we are around here), every unit gets a cornea-melting makeover. The GTR, RXT, RXT-X, RXT-X aS and RXP-X all get drenched in Sea-Doo’s Sunburst Yellow replete with red highlights and dashes of silver. We particularly like the racy pseudo sponsor decals running down the fairings of the RXP-X and RXT-X aS. Apart from the aforementioned new RF DESS key, this polarizing colorization is the only change to the supercharged lineup.

Alas, if the yellow-and-red livery isn’t your taste, then thankfully Sea-Doo has retained a little bit of its composure when handling the luxurious GTX series. Beginning with the GTI Limited 155, the GTX Limited 215 and GTX Limited 260 iS are all available in the sultry Anthracite Grey with gloss black and Manta Green highlights. The GTX 155 S remains untouched in its burnt orange hue.



And finally, the GTI lineup features some of the most distinct coloring of them all. Both the GTI 130 and 130 SE are slathered in visible-from-space coloring, leaving little room for the timid. Covered bow to keel in Manta Green or Maldives Blue, with highlights in either more green or bright fuchsia, the brand’s Recreation line is enjoying some seriously retro coloring.

As we’ve said before, Sea-Doo is nothing if not daring, and these colors are a bold statement. Whether the world is ready for dayglow watercraft again remains to be unseen, but we’re sure they’ll never be mistaken for any other brand. Undoubtedly, there’s some serious throwback styling happening here, so as these new models roll out make sure to stop by your local dealer to see how they look in person, but until then, put on some sunglasses and enjoy these pictures!

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